Safelist and Mailers Are Here Again!

      Safelists have been around for many years as a valuable advertising tool. But in recent weeks they have again gained popularity as a  great

Best Source For Safelist Organization

Best Source For Safelist Organization

marketing resource. But there are still those that swear they will never use them.

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times… “I don’t use safelists because they junk up my email box!”

Well, my friend, you are missing a great opportunity. Safelists are valuable for a few reasons.

1. Safelists enable you to reach out to millions of targeted prospects at the click of a button. For a small fee or even free, when taking the time to read other members ads.

Building your own list is very important, but we also need to bring in new members on a daily basis to keep our business growing.
Safelists are a great way to do this.
As a beginning marketer, you may not have a list available to email to, so safelists allow you to mail to a list.

2. Safelists email meets all the Spam Laws, so you don’t have to worry about running into legal trouble. Never send advertising to your personal list unless they specifically ask for information.  Using an autoresponder to build a list of people wanting information on a specific topic is another way to send advertising legally. As long as they have opted in for that information.

3.When people click on your link, they are sent to your site. This increases your traffic rankings..

Safelists can get overwhelming if you don’t set-up a system first to control the number of emails you are going to receive.

You MUST have 2 separate email accounts to use ONLY for safelists. DO NOT use your personal accounts, or you will be drowning in email advertising!

Darren Olander is a Master of Listbuilders. He has made a useful video to help with getting the most of your safelists… I recommend watching this first!








Your can visit his blog Here:

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Profitable Email Marketing




Jerry Iannucci is a safelist expert.

I highly recommend his ebook, Safelist Marketing Tactics:


Brand New Mailers that have just launched: Get in Early to build your downlines:


So be sure to take advantage of Safelist Advertising, if you are not, you have missed an amazing opportunity to build your own lists!

Marcy McManaway


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